Advanced Incident Investigation


The Advanced Incident Investigation course has been designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to enable them to conduct or participate in a serious incident investigation with confidence and integrity.

This course is designed by industry experts and facilitated by highly qualified and experienced former Workcover Inspectors and police investigators all of whom have 20+ years of incident investigation experience.  Between them, they have investigated thousands of workplace incidents, prepared briefs of evidence, given evidence in court and have helped many organisations to understand what went wrong and provide recommendations on what should be put in place to prevent recurrence and minimise the risk of prosecution.

Developed using adult learning principles, the advanced incident investigation course is informative, interactive and engaging providing participants with the opportunity to not only learn the theory but also put what they learn into practice through simulated incident investigations.  And unlike many other incident investigation courses in the marketplace our course includes a post course mentoring period and a competency based assessment which guarantees that participants who successfully complete our course are competent to undertake investigations for or on behalf of your organisation.


2 Days (classroom) plus post course mentoring, competency based assessment and debrief.


The objectives of this course are to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to conduct and/or lead a serious incident investigation with confidence.

Topics covered in the Advanced Incident Investigation Course include (but are not limited to):

  • Legislative requirements including:
    • Notification requirements
    • Legal professional privilege,
    • What is ‘reasonably practicable’
    • Rules of evidence
  • How to manage the regulator
  • How to effectively prepare for an investigation
  • Evidence – including types of evidence and how to preserve it to ensure continuity
  • How to conduct an incident investigation including:
    • Planning the investigation,
    • Scene Preservation
    • Gathering and analysing evidence
      • Photographs, videos, sketch plans, diagrams, notes etc.
    • Interviewing witnesses including taking statements and conducting a record of interview
    • Analysing evidence
    • dentifying causes, making recommendations and preparing the report
  • Identifying causes (both root causes and contributory causes)
  • Making recommendations, and
  • Report writing

NOTE:  After the initial 2 day workshop, participants will be required to conduct an incident investigation which will be assessed as part of this course.  Participants receive ongoing mentoring and support from our trainers during this post workshop assessment phase and a 1.5 hour feedback session after their investigation has been reviewed and assessed.

Participants will receive a comprehensive reference guide and tools to assist them when conducting incident investigations after the course.


This course is suitable for:

  • Senior Managers
  • WHS Professionals
  • WHS Representatives
  • WHS Committee Members
  • Internal company investigators responsible for investigating WHS incidents

Advanced Incident Investigation Courses are offered as both public courses and in-house.  In-house programs are customised for the individual client and incorporate your organisations incident investigation procedures.

For more information on our Advanced Incident Investigation course or to book a course, call us today on 1800 INSYNC (467 962) or email our training team at