Insync Workplace Solutions  offers a variety of solution-focused and practical skills-based individual (or team) coaching to Corporate Executive’s, Senior & Middle Management, Safety & Human Resources Professionals, Employees going through career transitions, Business Owner’s and everyday people who want to achieve more out of their careers or get balance back in their lives.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between an individual (or a team if it is team based coaching) and a coach that facilitates positive change by improving thinking and supports the achievement of results, based on goals set by the individual (or the team) Coaching focuses on defining the vision, setting goals, creating outcomes and managing personal change.  It is a thought-provoking, creative process that inspires individuals or teams to maximise their performance, improve their leadership skills and unlock their full potential.

What coaching is not   

Coaching is not:

  • Therapy
  • Consulting
  • Training or
  • Mentoring

Why do people work with Coaches?

Individuals (and teams) work with coaches for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • Gaining greater interpersonal effectiveness, building self confidence, improving relationships, communication skills and work/life balance
  • Enhancing or improving decision-making and leadership skills
  • Increasing productivity, including improved work performance, business management, time management and team effectiveness, or


  • Could be ‘stuck’ and can’t think of what else they can do to move themselves or the organisation forward
  • Have a lack of clarity with choices to be made
  • Want to identify key strengths and how best they can leverage them

The list goes on…….. The use of coaches has increased dramatically in recent years, because coaching (if done correctly) helps individuals, teams and companies focus on what matters most in their life and business.

Our Coaching Methodology

In line with our philosophy that one size doesn’t fit all, our coaches are trained in a variety of coaching methodologies enabling them to be able to utilise the most effective methodology for each client.

Our approach

For any coaching program to be effective it must be tailored to the needs of the individual and the organisation (if the program is sponsored by your employer).  For that reason, our programs target the different needs of senior and executive leaders, through to middle management, front line leaders, those going through career transitions, safety or HR professionals, business owners or our personal clients engaged in wellness coaching.

Coaching is provided in either individual or group settings (for team based coaching). Coaching sessions are delivered in a confidential environment either in person or by telephone or Skype (or similar technology), depending on your circumstances and location.

For a coaching partnership to truly effective, you need to feel comfortable with your coach and for that reason we do not sign a coaching agreement until after our initial session with you and we always try to make the initial session face to face if possible.

In the first session, as well as getting to know each other, your coach will assist you to define the goals that you want to work on over the duration of the coaching program.

Following the first session, if both you and your coach feel comfortable with one another and you want to proceed, we will sign a coaching agreement covering all aspects of the coaching programs.  This agreement includes our commitment to follow the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics.

Coaching Services

At Insync Workplace Solutions, we aim to deliver innovative customised solutions to meet your individual challenges and opportunities.  Therefore, we offer a variety of coaching programs including (but not limited to):

  • Executive Coaching
  • Senior & Middle Management Coaching
  • Front line Leader Coaching
  • Safety Leadership Coaching
  • Safety Professionals Coaching
  • Human Resources Professionals Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Career Transition Coaching
  • Business Development Coaching
  • Wellness Coaching (Offered through our Health & Wellbeing Business, Insync Health & Fitness)

Virtual Coaching

Want to work with us but you aren’t located in an area where we have coaches or your work or personal commitments don’t afford you the time to meet with us face to face? that’s okay! Our professional coaching services can easily be conducted over the phone or via Skype at a time convenient to you.  This means that it doesn’t matter where you are in Australia or in the world for that matter you can still access our professional coaching services and with our flexible working hours we can always accommodate your needs.

Why Insync Workplace Solutions?

Our coaches:

  • Are all qualified and experienced coaches
  • Have all completed accredited coaching courses
  • Are all members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Are results driven and have impressive track records
  • Are professional, authentic and honest.

How much does Coaching cost?

When making the decision about Coaching, think of it as an investment not a cost because it truly is an investment in your future but we do understand that sometimes cost is a barrier for some people.  With that in mind, at Insync Workplace Solutions we believe in making coaching accessible to everyone so we will work you to provide a program that works with your budget without sacrificing quality.

We also believe in absolute transparency with no hidden costs so once we identify your specific coaching needs we will provide you with detailed proposal which clearly sets out all costs associated with your coaching program.  (Payment plans are available and will be discussed on an individual basis)

What Next?

Take control of your career and your life.  Book your FREE 30 minute no obligation coaching session to see if our Coaching services are right for you, call us today on 1800 INSYNC or email