Digital Learning Solutions

‘An organisatons ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage’…Jack Welch

At Insync Workplace Solutions we are constantly searching the globe for the best products and services for our clients. We don’t take this task lightly and invest a lot of time and resources in the process because we are looking for the latest thinking and not the latest fad and we won’t associate our name, brand or reputation with any products and services unless they pass our rigorous testing program.

That said, we are excited to annouce that the following products have met our requirements and we are pleased to bring them to you through our partnership agreement with the solution providers.

Experiential Learning Application for onboarding, induction and compliance training

We love ACTO and you will too….ACTO is an Experiential Learning APP that bridges the gap between learning and productivity and enables quality anytime, anywhere, on demand learning.

You can upload your own training material (branded to your organisation) into ACTO  or you can tap into our extensive libray of training resources (which can also be branded to your company) including our digital induction, onboarding and compliance apps which offer a structured approach to your onboarding and ongoing training needs and because the onboarding platform utilises self-paced learning it can be delivered directly to your new employees mobile device meaning you can start to engage with new employees before they even start with your organisation.

Digital Coaching & Training with Learncore™  

Train to win and create an unstoppable workforce.  Powered by Learncore™, our on-demand, in your hand digital coaching and training platform is an innovative and interactive tool proven to improve sales and customer success.  Using the latest technology and modern learner principles including micro-learning bites, our digital coaching and training platform enables you to deliver the right results focused training at the right time, verify knowledge and even practice, coach and provide feedback to participants through virtual role-plays.

Learning Reinforcement

Learning is a journey, not an event and with research telling us that on average we forget 70% of what we learn within 24 hours and within a week that increases to 90%. If you want to ensure return on investment isolated learning experiences no longer make the cut.   At Insync Workplace Solutions our learning reinforcement app has been designed to improve learning retention which ultimately increases your return on investment.

To find out more about our digital learning solutions or to request a demonstration, contact our training team today at or call 1800 INSYNC | +612 9238 2375