Ergonomic Assessments

The use of correct ergonomic principles has become a key element for organisations seeking to reduce workplace injuries, increase workers health and wellbeing and enhance worker (and the organisations) productivity and performance.

Insync Workplace Solutions ergonomic assessments are designed to access workers workstations, vehicles and / or home offices to ensure they are set up correctly to minimise the risk of injury, pain or discomfort caused by poor ergonomic practices and to educate workers to ensure real and sustainable change.

All ergonomic assessments are provided by our team of qualified and experienced allied health professionals located across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific Region and whilst all assessment services are tailored to our individual clients needs some of our most popular assessments are set out below:


When we talk about ergonomic assessments we often just think about setting up our office workstations, but what about our vehicles (if we spend a lot of time on the road for our work) and our home office (if we work from home).

Poor ergonomic set-up can cause significant pain and discomfort for workers and if not rectified can result in injury and a workers compensation claim.  So it makes good sense to ensure that your workers know how to set up their workspace to ensure good ergonomics.

Our ergonomic assessments address individual worker requirements and are designed to optimise the set up of the workstation (for office workers), their vehicle or home office, ensuring that they are set up in a way that will minimise the risk to individuals health, safety and wellbeing.

During the assessment process, we will educate the worker on the optimal ergonomics set-up and work practices specific to them. We will also provide the you, the employer with a summary report outlining our findings and any recommendations for improvement.

Our ergonomic services are tailored to your organisations specific needs and are delivered by our team of allied health professionals who utilise their extensive knowledge and experience to conduct practical, cost effective and sustainable ergonomic services.

NOTE: This option is a proactive, preventative tool which should be used for the general population in order to eliminate potential issues and reduce the likelihood of injury caused by poor ergonomic practices.  This option is NOT suitable for workers with an existing injury or those who have reported specific symptoms.


Our Injury Management Ergonomics Assessments are designed specifically for workers who have reported pain, discomfort or an injury, have an open workers compensation claim and / or have an active return to work plan.

These assessments are more detailed than our general assessments as they also assess any contributing injury factors and ensure correct ergonomic set-up and posture at the workstation, in their vehicle or at their home office.

Our Injury Management Ergonomic Assessments are conducted by one of our qualified Occupational Therapists or Exercise Physiologists and include:

  • Comprehensive ergonomic assessment of the injured workers workspace
  • Review and assessment of the workers tasks and job demands and any impact they may have on the workers symptoms or injury
  • Set-up of workspace
  • Educate the worker on the principals of correct workspace set up and adjustments
  • Correction of posture and recommendation of specific exercises and stretches to assist the worker to manage their symptoms for injury
  • Comprehensive notes and handouts for the worker to use post assessment
  • Personalised post assessment follow up
  • Detailed report summarising findings, recommendations, cost and suppliers of equipment if required

NOTE:  This option is designed specifically for workers with existing injuries or those who have reported specific symptoms.