Do you need to get results, resolve a conflict or complex issue, develop a strategy or action plan, engage your workforce or the community,  or simply keep your leadership or business conference on track and participants engaged?

If you answered yes, then our facilitation services may be just want you are looking for.

Insync Workplace Solutions has a strong reputation for helping teams and organisations achieve positive outcomes in a variety of circumstances through our interactive approach to facilitation.

Our team of highly skilled and engaging facilitators provide best-in-class service that will:

  • Keep participants engaged, focussed and on track
  • Quickly defuse any difficult behaviours
  • Minimise distractions
  • Gain consensus
  • Bring a common vision to the surface
  • Build a commitment to move forward
  • and more…

Examples of activities we have facilitated include:

  • Training programs / workshops
  • Business networking groups
  • The development, design and promulgation of strategy and policy directions
  • Consultative processes
  • Meetings
  • Strategic planning workshops
  • Stakeholder / community engagement events
  • Focus groups
  • Project or team planning sessions
  • Group problem solving sessions
  • Team building activities
  • Conferences and retreats
  • Process improvement
  • Collaboration workshops
  • Start-up sessions for project teams / new teams
  • and more!

Our proven facilitation methodolgy creates an interactive, focussed, inclusive and ‘safe’ environment which supports creativity and generates quality conversations while challenging group thinking.

We also provide training in facilitation skills.

To find out more about our facilaition services or to book a facilitator, contact us today.