Health Safety & Environment Policy



Insync Workplace Solutions aims to protect the health, safety and well-being of all our team members, contractors and visitors. We also aim to protect the environment with which we interact by continually striving to go beyond legislative compliance demonstrating leadership commitment and raising awareness of health safety and environmental issues with our people, our clients, our candidates and others with whom we interact.

We commit to:

  • Implement a hazard /risk management program consistent with the nature of our workplace activities and scale of health and safety risks
  • Consult with people working for or on our behalf and relevant third parties (as appropriate) on workplace health and safety related issues which may impact on health and safety
  • Provide health and safety information and training to people working for or on our behalf and visitors, as appropriate
  • Promote the well-being of our team
  • Achieve continuous improvement in health and safety by establishing and reviewing measurable targets and objectives, and reviewing the operation and performance of our health safety and well-being initiatives
  • Comply with the relevant health and safety legislation; and
  • Provide adequate resources to achieve these objectives.

People working for or on behalf of Insync Workplace Solutions

People working for or on behalf of Insync Workplace solutions are responsible for”:

  • Taking reasonable care for their own health safety and well-being and that of any other person who could be impacted on or affected by their actions; and
  • Complying with health and safety policies, procedures and directions, completing required inductions and training, reporting all work-related incidents and participating in rehabilitation programs.

Leadership Team

The Insync Workplace Solutions Leadership team is responsible and accountable for providing the overall culture, values, systems and resources and ensuring the overall direction and performance of Insync Workplace Solutions in health and safety including:

  • Observing, and enforcing through supervision, Insync Workplace Solutions standards for health and safety compliance
  • Developing, implementing and continuously improving safe work systems through consultation with all people working for or on behalf of Insync Workplace Solutions and relevant third parties
  • Ensuring that safe workplaces (including safe plant and welfare facilities) are provided and monitored
  • Providing information, instruction and training to ensure people working for and on our behalf are able to carry out their work safely
  • Recording and investigating health and safety incidents and implement corrective actions; and
  • Promptly and effectively dealing with work-related injury and ill health through rehabilitation program.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Leadership team is also responsible for:

  • Establishing measurable targets and objectives to realise the intentions of this health and safety policy
  • Ensuring availability and allocation of adequate resources for policy implementation
  • Monitoring organisation performance and ensuring remediation and improvement measures are identified and implemented; and
  • Ensuring all people working in their respective area of responsibility comply with their obligations relating to this policy.

VIsitors and Others in Our Workplaces

Visitors and other persons in our workplaces are responsible for:

  • Taking reasonable care of their own health and safety and for that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions; and
  • Being aware of and complying with applicable Insync Workplace Solutions health and safety policies, procedures and practices are advised in inductions and by other means.

July 2011