When Heart Intelligence Meets Conversational Intelligence

Article written by Judith E. Glaser, December 2015heart-intelligence

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For a period of time, Deborah was a psychologist for the Dr. Phil Show. What an awesome opportunity to experiment and research relationships gone awry.

She remembers only too well coaching two show’s guests – Tammy and Reynir – and how this changed their lives of.  Dr. Phil would send people he interviewed on the show to HeartMath for help.  Tammy and Reynir were on the edge of divorce. On the show they were constantly reacting to each other and arguing hatefully. Dr. Phil told them they should divorce if they couldn’t change with the help he was going to give them. HeartMath changed the course of their lives, and enabled them to rediscover the love they had when they first met.

Imagine there are tools available to enable couples to reset their relationships, to learn new ways of communicating with each other, and to open up their hearts and minds to new insights and patterns of engaging so they know how to harvest the fruits of their marriage, and discover new value in their partnership.

Also imagine there are conversational strategies and tools available to business executives, to enable them to create healthy workplaces, and to create the space and aspiration for Co-creating Conversations® – elevating the success they have in the marketplace.

And lastly imagine you personally can have the exquisite ability to develop higher levels of intuition by seeing patterns that lead to bigger insights and ‘ahas’!”  Conversations are not what they seem. They are part of incredible energetic interactions that impact our neurochemistry and activate powerful systems and networks in our brain and heart that ‘read’ the energy and enable us to engage with others either as friend not foe – and all in .07 seconds.

Ten years ago when I first met Deborah Rozman, CEO of HeartMath – I learned about Heart Intelligence®, and I saw that my work in researching and developing Conversational Intelligence® would now have another dimension of connectivity – then I knew we were destined to work together!  And as we launched our conversations to explore our synergies, new ‘ahas’ began to appear in the way we together could expand the insights about the impact of conversations not only on the health of marriages, but also in the domains of business, government, and all areas where human beings engage with each other in conversations.

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