Incident Investigation Training


The reality is that whilst we do everything reasonably practicable to prevent incidents from occurring in the workplace, sometimes they do still occur.  When they do occur they should always be investigated to ensure causal factors are identified and corrective actions implemented. That’s why incident investigation is vital to your business.

The ability for organisations to respond to events that have caused (or  have the potential to cause)  injury, damage, harm or loss is not only a key component of any holistic, integrated, comprehensive and effective health and safety management system, it is critical to prevention of future events and the continuous improvement process which all organisations large or small should work towards.

Having people in your business trained to conduct investigations ensures that you can act immediately.

At Insync Workplace Solutions we have extensive experience in conducting incident investigations with many of our team being former WorkCover Inspectors and Police Investigators who have conducted thousands of incident investigations.  Through our incident investigation training programs which we have developed you benefit from that experience.

Our incident investigation training programs have been developed using the latest adult learning principles.  They are interactive and informative ensuring a positive learning experience for all participants.