Workplace Investigations

Our expert investigators are independent, unbiased & committed to investigating workplace concerns expeditiously, professionally and with procedural fairness.

Our investigation services can be provided as a full investigation service (we conduct the full investigation for you) or supported investigations for organisations that only require advice, guidance and support.

Types of investigations conducted

  • Bullying, harassment & discrimination
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Code of conduct breaches
  • Misconduct
  • Theft, Fraud & Corruption
  • Workplace (WHS) Incidents
  • Public Liability
  • Workers Compensation / Injury claims

When should you engage an independent workplace investigator?

You should consider engaging an independent workplace investigator if:

  • Your organisation does not have the skills or resources available to conduct an investigation
  • Your in-house investigator/s do not feel comfortable conducting the investigation
  • There is potential that the matter may not be (or can be perceived to have not been) investigated objectively if conducted internally
  • The alleged incident involves senior employees of the organisation
  • The outcome of the investigation could be subject to external review
  • It has been requested by a third party such as OHS / WHS regulators (WorkCover, WorkSafe etc) or your insurer.

The benefits of using an independent workplace investigator

While there is an additional cost involved in using an independent workplace investigator as apposed to your own internal resources, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Independent workplace investigators:

  • Are completely impartial – they do not have any type of relationship with the alleged parties and are free of workplace prejudices,
  • Are experts in the field and do this every day – Investigations are difficult and you need to constantly and consistently refine your skills to be able to conduct a thorough investigation.  Unless you do this all of the time there is a risk that you may inadvertently miss something that is crucial to the investigation.
  • Minimise the risk to your organisation – independent investigations can assist your organisation to avoid action being taken by the Fair Work Commission and / or Workplace Safety Regulators

Our Investigators

Our Investigators are all experts in their field. Not only are they experienced HR, Employee Relations and WHS / OHS professionals, many are former Police Officers or Workcover Inspectors and some also have legal qualifications and experience.  They have all been hand picked to join our investigation team because of their extensive experience, knowledge and their professionalism.

Our investigation team members have conducted many workplace investigations across a range of industries both in the public and private sector and all of our investigations are reviewed at critical points by our legal consultants who are experts in the area being investigated.

For a confidential discussion about your workplace investigation needs, call us today on 1800 INSYNC (467 962) or email our team at