Employee retention starts with the induction process……


The challenges involved in inducting new employees into organisations has been receiving attention in recent years with organisations now required to compete for the attention and retention of high-value, ‘generation Y’ and ‘millennial’ workers. This means organisations must continually find ways to keep workers engaged in order to retain them and this starts at the induction process.

Traditional induction processes which generally include presenting inductees with a set of Power-Point slides or having them complete an on-line induction program (or a combination of both), followed (or preceded) by an introduction to new colleagues and a quick briefing on the organisations work health and safety policies and procedures, mission statement, values etc. are no longer enough.

Julie McKeown, author of Retaining Top Employees argues that these typical organisational induction programs are poorly executed and generally have little (or even a negative) effect on retention.

Course Outline

This Induction Program has been designed in response to the need to recognise that induction must be treated as a crucial component of an organization’s employee retention strategy.  It is the first key step in creating a strong employer-brand and building an emotional engagement and loyalty between the inductee and the organisation.

Using the latest adult learning principles, neuroscience research and incorporating the Lego® Serious Play® methodology, this cutting edge, interactive, innovative induction program encourages participants to work creatively, engage with the organisation and share their understanding of the values and commitment that are crucial to being a team member in the organisation.


This program can be delivered in a Half Day (4 hours) or Full Day (8 hours) format

Target Audience

New employees

Workshop Aim 

The aim of this induction program is for participants to gain an understanding of the organization’s vision, strategy and objectives so they become highly engaged and participate more strongly in living company values and working productively towards achieving better outcomes.

Workshop Objectives

  • Ensure that participants are aware of, and engage with, the organization’s key values, vision, mission, goals and objectives
  • Build on the organisation’s values to ensure that they are lived through displayed behaviours in the workplace
  • provide a forum within the group for connecting to each other, and
  • provides the organisation with an understanding of the career progression needs and aspirations of the participants.