Introduction to Incident Investigation


In order to improve workplace health and safety we must learn from incidents that occur regardless of whether or not they result in injury and / or damage to property.  In fact it is often these relatively “minor” incidents which if ignored result in a significant incident occurring down the track.

Investigating all incidents that occur in the workplace to an appropriate level should be part of everyday business.  It makes sense and it is good business practice.  But conducting an investigation, unless you do it all the time can be daunting and often key elements can be missed.

Facilitated by former Workcover Inspectors and experienced Police investigators, our Introduction to Incident Investigation course aims to provide participants who have had little or no incident investigation training with the knowledge, tools and methodology to enable them to actively participate in a basic incident investigation.


1 Day


Topics covered in this interactive, informative yet practical workshop include (but are not limited to):

  • Legislative requirements (including legal professional privilege)
  • How to manage the regulator
  • Objectives of an incident investigation, and
  • How to conduct an incident investigation including:
    • Planning the investigation,
    • Gathering and analysing evidence,
    • Identifying causes,
    • Making recommendations and
    • Preparing the report.

Participants will receive a comprehensive reference guide and tools to assist them when conducting incident investigations after the course.


This course is suitable for:

  • WHS Committee Members
  • WHS Safety Representatives
  • New WHS Professionals
  • Line Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Internal company investigators responsible for investigating WHS incidents

NOTE: This course is suitable for anyone who has had no or little training or experience in incident investigation and analysis.

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