Lunch & Learn Seminars


  • Are you having trouble finding time to get a training session up and runing?
  • Are you looking for innovative ways to engage and motivate employees?
  • Do you want to improve employees skills in an informal yet effective environment?

……Why not try a Lunch & Learn (or Latte & Learn) program.

A Lunch & Learn or Latte & Learn seminar is an informal facilitated session delivered to your employees during a lunch, morning or afternoon tea break.  Employees are either invited to bring their lunch or coffee with them or you may choose to provide a light lunch, morning or afternoon tea.

Lunch & Learn or Latte & Learn sessions:

  • Make excellent use of time, which is already limited throughout the working day
  • Are a cost effective way to improve employees knowledge & skills, boost morale, improve teamwork, build internal networks, stimulate energy & creativity while increasing engagement in an informal, non-threatening environment
  • Provide employees with an interesting alternative to a typical lunch, morning or afternoon tea break
  • Are an easy way to develop and motivate employees while creating a culture of communication, collaboration and learning
  • Create critical awareness of issues at hand & can be used as a way to effectively introduce any new organisational initiatives
  • Support your current L&D strategy & programs and extend learning opportunities

Insync Workplace Solutions provides a range of Lunch & Learn and Latte & Learn talks, seminars, presentations and workshops to suit a range of needs and intrests and we have access to a wide range of experts who can tailor a talk or program to meet your specific needs.

Topics we have delivered to date include: