Managing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Course Outline

Many organisations work hard to remove intentional bias from the workplace yet unconscious bias remains prevalent within the organisation because it is……unconscious.  Subsequently diversity remains a ‘work in progress’ for most organisations.

In order to increase awareness of conscious and unconscious bias in the workplace and the impact it has on decision making in the organisational setting, this innovative, informative, interactive and engaging workshop highlights the prevalence of bias in the workplace, examines the evidence, assesses progress, addresses the importance of inclusive leadership and provides frameworks to support change and improve diversity outcomes which contribute to the ongoing productivity and performance of your organisation.

Duration:  4 hours

Workshop Aim:

The aim of this workshop is to educate your staff on diversity, inclusive leadership, engagement and productivity to improve diversity outcomes.

Workshop Format

This workshop is offered in both In-House and Public Course formats.

Developed using the latest adult learning principles. This innovative, informative, interactive and engaging workshop is facilitated by an expert diversity facilitator.

Workshop format is inclusive of:

  • Pre-workshop unconscious bias testing to enable participants to explore levels of unconscious bias.
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Group and self-reflection activities.

Note: In-House programs can be customised and aligned to your organisation’s diversity policies and practices ensuring a relevant and cost effective training program for up to 20 participants.

Target Audience: 

This workshop is suitable for managers, team leaders, supervisors, HR practitioners and those seeking to gain a better understanding of how they can manage unconscious bias in the workplaces.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the workshop, participants should:

  • Gain an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the prevalence of bias in the workplace, (both conscious and unconscious) and its impact
  • Be able to use their newly found knowledge to improve diversity outcomes and performance
  • Be able to encourage and create a more inclusive workplace culture
  • Understand the link between diversity and inclusive leadership
  • Become familiar with and understand the key frameworks for identifying, addressing and reducing bias in the workplace
  • Be able to identify tangible ways in which specific HR interventions can manage and reduce the likelihood of bias through effective policies, procedures and practices.
  • Know where to source tools to detect bias

Further Information:

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