Insync Workplace Solutions provides workplace mediation and dispute resolution services to organisations that are seeking to resolve workplace issues in a cost-effective and informal manner. We also offer Workplace Internal Mediator Training.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is a dispute resolution technique used to assist parties to resolve workplace issues and achieve an ongoing workable relationship.  Mediation is a confidential and structured process in which an independant and impartial third party facilitates discussion between the individuals involved.

Mediation is more cost effective and less time consuming process than formal proceedings and in many cases can resolve disputes before parties feel the need to consider legal action.

The mediation process is confidential and restricted to the immediate parties involved and therefore limits involvement and disruption to the wider workgroup or workplace.

Successful mediation can enhance and assist your organisation to stabalise ongoing internal and external working relationship and achieve better outcomes for those involved.

Insync Workplace Solutions workplace mediators are qualified, experienced and highly aware of the sensitivites around workplace issues.  They have worked across many different industries and organisations.

Insync Workplace Solutions currently provides mediation services across Australia and New Zealand.

When to use workplace mediation

Workplace mediation is an appropriate measure in situations where:

  • Parties to a grievance or workplace issue are willing or prefer for the matter to be dealt with informally through medation rather than through a formal investigation
  • The matters do not involve serious misconduct, a serious breach of company policy or a criminal offence, but rather are a result of misunderstanding, personality clashes or a difference of opinion
  • the matter can be resolved reaslistically through mediation

When to call a professional mediator

Many workplace issues can be (and are) resolved in-house. However, there are some issues or circumstances that generally require the assistance of a professional mediator. These include (but are not limited to):

  • When there are more than two people involved
  • The issues are complex
  • There are suspected mental health issues
  • A formal grievance has been lodged
  • A worker’s compensation or bullying claim has been lodged (In some circumstances mediation can be effective in resolving many of the issues involved in these types of claims)

Our Mediators

Our mediators are specialists in what they do and can assist parties to explore their conflict in depth, think about options, consider alternatives and decide on the best way to move forward in a controlled and safe environment.

Our mediators are all trained and accredited mediators who have extensive experience conducting mediatons across a wide range of organisations and industries.