Resilience Training

Emotionally Resilient workplaces experience greater cohesion, less stress, tension and conflict and greater productivity, respect and teamwork resulting in a positive organisation culture.

Research has shown that resilience is ‘the single most important factor in determining whether a person is successful, satisfied and happy’ (Shatt, 2008, The Resilience Factor), and that enhanced resilience leads to a ‘significant improvement in job satisfaction, productivity and retention in the workplace’  (the Black Dog Institute).

Building employee resilience is vital for any organisation seeking to improve staff performance, efficiency and overall well-being.


What is Resilience?

With rapidly increasing organisational change, pressure and pace, workplace stress is fast becoming an inevitable part of working life and an area which all employees must become more proficient in dealing with in in order to fourish in today’s complex work environment.

Resilience refers to our ability to ‘bounce back’ from stressful, traumatic and tragic events.  In the workplace, resilience is usually associated with an employees ability to cope with the various challenges in the workplace such as: organisational change, information overload, restructures, mergers, downsizing, increased workload, reduced resources, learning new technology, budget pressures or deadlines.

Our Resilience Trainng Program

At Insync Workplace Solutions, our reslience training program(s) have been develop using best practice research, the principles of neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology and mindfulnes and provides participants with not only an understanding of stress and how it impacts on their ability to ‘bounce back’ but also practical techniques and strategies that they can implement immediately after the training to build their reslience.

Topics include:

  • What is stress (good stress vs bad stress) and understanding its effects
  • What is meant by resilience and how you can increase resilience using a range of cognitive and behavioural strategies
  • The importance of physical wellbeing in building resiience

Key benefits for employees include:

  • Increased ability to be able to cope with various challenges in the workplace
  • Improved productivity and work performance
  • Improved job satisfaction and motivation
Key benefits for organisations include:
  • Improved employee retention
  • Decreased absenteeism / presenteeism
  • Improved team cohesion / decreased team conflict
  • Improved workplace culture

Insync Workplace Solutions offers a range of resilience training workshops across Australia and the Asia Pacific Region for information on our public courses CLICK HERE

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Format options available for in-house customised programs include: 1 hour webinar or keynote presentation, 1/2 day workshop, 1 day workshop or webinar series.