ReThink Safety™

“Transforming people & organisations safety cultures through the application of neuroscience & other transformational methodologies tailored to your individual workplace”

  • Has your organisations safety performance plateaued?
  • Are you looking for a new approach to safety? or
  • Do you want to take your safety performance to the next level?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it is time to ReThink your approach to Safety.


Based on adult and accelerated learning principles, ReThink Safety is an innovative, interactive, informative and engaging brain based safety change program that focusses on the person component of the safety culture model and transforms people and organisations through the application of the latest research in neuroscience (which shows us that approximately 90% of behaviour is driven by the unconscious mind), positive psychology, and other transformational methodologies (including the use of Lego Serious Play™ and Gamestorming).

ReThink Safety  challenges the way people think and empowers workers to take control of their personal safety by providing them with an insight into the way their brain works, their thinking, their attitudes and how this drives their behaviour. It also provides Supervisors, Team Leaders and Managers with tools they need to help facilitate the change.

ReThink Safety™  has been designed and developed by industry experts.  It is NOT your standard behavioural based safety program, it IS a behavioural change program guaranteed to deliver sustainable results which will transform your organisations safety culture and improve your bottom line.  


Rethink Safety™ is not an off the shelf product because we know that one size doesn’t fit all.  All organisations (regardless of their size, their location, their industry etc.) are different. They all have their unique challenges and opportunities, circumstances, goals and objectives and they all have their own individual safety culture. That is why each Rethink Safety™ program is customised for each individual client.

We spend time with you prior to delivering the training to really understand your people and your business and we incorporate this valuable information into your Rethink Safety™ program which ensures that your program meets the requirements of each level or section within the organisation and you get the outcomes you are looking for from the program.


Training must be relevant to the participant in order for it to stick, that is why we have developed different modules for the various levels within an organisation.

ReThink Safety™ – Executive Change Program

Our ReThink Safety™ – Executive change program is aimed at the most senior managers in the organisation. These are the people that set the culture for the organisation and are crucial to the success of this (or any) safety program.

ReThink Safety™ – Supervisors / Team Leaders

Supervisors and team leaders are the key link between the workers and the senior leadership team of any organisation and as such they have a crucial role to play in building and maintain a positive safety culture.

ReThink Safety™ – Workers

We all know that it is the workers who make any organisation, without them we wouldn’t have a businesses so it makes sense to invest in our workers. Our ReThink Safety™  workers program focusses on the workers themselves and in a non-threatening environment challenges them to think about they way they think and how their thinking and attitudes drives their behaviour which ultimately impacts on their safety (and their colleagues safety) at work.

ReThink Safety™ – Change Champions

Sustainability is the key to the success of any program and we know that for many organisations it isn’t sustainable to have an external organisation deliver a program on an ongoing basis. Our ReThink Safety™ Champions program is similar to a ‘train the trainer’ program where we train your people to deliver the program on an ongoing basis under a licensing agreement but the great part is, that once the training has been completed we don’t just wish you all the best and abandoned you.  For as long as the licensing agreement is in place all Champions received unlimited telephone and email support from our team and one-on-one coaching and mentoring for as long as they need it.

ReThink Safety™ transforming people and business….. 

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