Neuroscience of Leadership

"We seem to read about neuroscience everywhere these days"

“We seem to read about neuroscience everywhere these days”


"Neuroscience is where the intellectual action is these days"

“Neuroscience is where the intellectual action is these days”

"The possibilities for neuroscience are almost endless"

“The possibilities for neuroscience are almost endless”

The Neuroscience of Leadership is fast becoming the most talked about approach to leadership development, providing brain-based, evidence rich strategies for improving leadership of self and others.  The Neuroscience of Leadership is transforming managers into agile leaders of change and performance and giving individuals and organisations the competitive edge.  In today’s knowledge economy, it is how you use your brain that provides the competitive edge

Insync Workplace Solutions is one of the first organisations worldwide accredited to deliver TREAD and we are excited to add it to our service offering in 2016!

More than 3000 leaders from some of Australia’s most well known organisations have been trained in TREAD or aspects of it in the last two years.  Developed by Kristen Hansen from EnHansen Performance, TREAD is a framework which puts science at the heart of leadership development and is ‘Transforming Managers into agile leaders of change and performance’

Neuroleadership is a term first coined by David Rock in 2006 and is essentially the applied field of neuroscience to leadership. This rapidly advancing field is now providing leaders, executives, business owners and sports people with the tools to enable them to understand themselves and each other.

‘Leadership has experienced an amazing evolution and the road ahead is going to be less and less predictable. It will require every ounce of flexibility, emotional intelligence, and creative thinking that executives posses’ (Strategy and Business, June 2014 ‘The lives and times of the CEO’ by Favora, Karlesson and Neilson).

Based on neuroscientific research, neuroleadership is a fact and evidence-based model for driving personal influence, individual and team performance and overall employee engagement and motivation. The Neuroscience of Leadership TREAD program represents the five areas that allow leaders to improve performance of self and others.

Think. Regulate. Engage. Adapt. Develop with the brain in mind

5 Neuro-inspired modules + 20 Leadership enhancing topics = 10 Leadership outcomes

The Neuroscience of Leadership TREAD workshops, webinars and keynote presentations provide the highlights field of neuroscience for leaders.  Format options available include:

  • Half day modules
  • 1 – 2 day workshops
  • Webinars
  • Keynote presentations
  • Lunch and Learn / Latte and Learn sessions

Neuroscience of Leadership TREAD outcomes

Think – Understand core brain functions and what impacts effective decision making

  • Make more effective decisions
  • Improve creative problem solving capabilities
  • Use emotions more effectively in decision making 
  • Improve productivity
  • Understand conditions for peak mental performance
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to improve decision making
  • Focus on the future (innovation and vision)

Regulate – Understand the brains emotional triggers and response to stress

  • Role model self-management
  • Manage stress more productively
  • Build resilience strategies
  • Recharge mental capabilities
  • Regulate emotions effectively
  • Help others manage stress and emotion

Engage – Understand the brains emotional and engagement responses

  • Learn key steps to building engagement
  • Use the brains social motivators to motivate and inspire
  • Build high engagement team environment
  • Improve team dynamics to improve engagement
  • Foster collaborative environment
  • Celebrate wins

Adapt – Understand the brains resistance to and capability to change (neuroplasticity) 

  • Learn to be more adaptable to change
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Lead teams effectively through change
  • Help others create more productive habits
  • Form new thinking, emotional and behavioural habits

Develop – Understand the keys to the brain’s ability to learn and developPlay-doh

  • Use whole brain goal setting techniques for greater traction
  • Learn why coaching works and the brain-based coaching technique
  • Focus on strengths development
  • Improve performance through effective feedback
  • Acknowledge and recognise development

Neuroscience of Leadership TREAD Webinars / Modules


  • Innovative problem solving and expansive decision making
  • Effective work practices to enhance capability
  • Peak mental performance PFC
  • Mitigating biases in decision making


  • Managing stress
  • Regulating emotions
  • Building resilience
  • Mindful leadership


  • Enhancing team engagement 
  • Capitalising on the ‘social brain’
  • Tailored engagement strategies
  • Motivating your team


  • Change your thinking and habits
  • Lead through change
  • Developing change in others
  • Agile leadership


  • Effective goal setting
  • Brain-based coaching
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Performance management rewiredNeural network, artwork

Other programs available through TREAD include: 

  • Coaching for Managers (2 days)
  • High Performing People and Teams (1 day)
  • High performing Cultures (1 day)
  • Leadership with Emotional Intelligence (1 or 2 days)
  • Resilient Leaders (1/2 – 1 day)
  • Decision-making and Innovative Problem Solving (1 day)
  • Leading through Change (1 day)
  • TREAD SAFE (Safety Change Program)
  • Manager to Leader Mentor / Coaching Programme

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