Safety Management Software

Build a safety community in your business where every worker becomes an expert

Stop using paper or clunky older systems to manage your work health and safety. An investment in our cloud based safety management system powered by Donesafe enables you to protect your business while saving time and money and most importantly empowering your workers to take control, become part of the safety conversation and build a genuine proactive, productive safety culture within your business.

Simple, Jargon-Fee Bundled Software – 

  • Manage your safety in four simple steps – Using four, simple modules, your business’ safety can be managed from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Works on any device – Empower every worker to carry a safety expert in their pocket. Our software works on any device
  • Easy and Jargon Fee – Leave the safety jargon to us. This software is easy to use and jargon free…
  • Automated workflows – Actions are triggered as soon as an issue arises

Manage all your safety in one place – 

  • Risk, Compliance, Audit – Use structured workflows, customisable templates, action generation and tracking to take control of your risk, compliance and audit management
  • Injury & Claims – Use tools like the PIAWE calculator, insurer integration and a library of aids & supports to automate your injury and compensation management
  • Health & Hygiene – Build checklists & workflows, automate your health processes and set up routines and inspections. Enable all workers to input health information
  • Emergency Management – Utilising preparedness audits, e-learning tools and equipment management, know what to do and test how prepared you are in the event of an emergency
  • Training – Ensure your employees are trained and competent to carry out their daily activities and meet legislative compliance using automated training renewal 
  • Visitor & Contractor Management – Manage your visitor and contractor entries and exits from any device. Print ID tags on site and ensure that all workers meet WHS training standards. 

See your safety at a glance – one-stop Dashboard

Never be in the dark again. Never miss a training update. Never lose a policy. From your dashboard you can see every action, every hazard and truly take control of your safety and if you bundle your software with one of our support packages, we can see anything that you can see which means from the day that you start, you will have a safety consultant by your side to help you. 

Build a safety community in your business

You don’t have to be the only eyes and ears for safety in your business. With our software, every worker can report and update on health and safety issues from their own phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  

More than anything else, this is perhaps the single greatest advantage of using Insync Workplace Solutions. Using this software, bundles with our other services, you can build a true safety culture within your business by empowering your workers to take control and become part of the safety conversation.

Your business has never been in safer hands…

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