Safety Professionals for Hire


Insync Workplace Solutions is not a recruitment agency but we have a team of expert consultants, auditors, trainers and facilitators in the Work Health and Safety, Wellbeing, Workers Compensation & Injury Management fields who can partner with your organisation for one off services (such as an audit, an incident investigation or to deliver a training program), short or long term consultancy / contract roles.

Examples of how we have assisted organisations include (but are not limited to) providing resources for:

  • WHS Systems and program development, implementation, continuous improvement
  • Fatigue Management / Human Factors programs
  • Audits
  • Workplace Inspection programs
  • Develop and / or deliver training programs
  • Conduct on site safety culture surveys
  • Incident Investigations
  • Ad hoc project work (including start ups, shutdowns, commissioning, decommissioning, etc.)
  • Special Events
  • Holiday relief
  • Additional support for your in-house safety team (short or longer term basis)