Work Health & Safety


At Insync Workplace Solutions we are passionate about the health, safety and wellbeing of workers but also understand the commercial reality of doing business which is why we are committed to partnering with organisations to help them keep their workplaces safe, maintain legislative compliance and build proactive and productive safety cultures where employees are engaged, feel valued and form part of the solution.

We achieve this through the implementation of our fully customised, innovative, cost effective and sustainable WHS/OHS solutions that can be applied to small businesses right through to global corporations.


Why our clients work with us:

We are extremely fortunate to work with some amazing clients, many have been with us right from the start. When we have asked them why they chose us and why they continue to work with us, these are some of the reasons they gave:

  • We are leaders in the field
  • We put our clients at the heart of everything we do
  • Our team are not only qualified WHS professionals with experience across all industries and sectors, they are professional, practical and understand the commercial aspects of business
  • We tailor our services and solutions for each individual client
  • Our services and solutions are practical, cost-effective, sustainable and backed by our satisfaction guarantee
  • We keep things simple and relevant
  • We integrate solutions where ever we can into already developed systems processes
  • We are transparent in everything we do and,
  • We listen and really get to know our clients