Mindfulness 8 Week Course


What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a lot more than a strategy to manage difficult situations. It is a way to cultivate a more balanced relationship to oneself in relation to the realities of life. Simply put, it is about attention. This attention can be directed internally or externally.Attention to feelings, body sensations, thoughts or emotions are examples of attentions to one’s ‘inside’ world. Attention to a convessation with a friend or colleague, trees, sounds or a book are all examples of attention to the outside world.

Mindfulness is attention to the here and now. Attention to the things that are happening in this very moment. This may sound easy, but how many times is our attention completely taken somewhere else by our thoughts?

Mindfulness can better be understood as  way of being and living rather than a tactic or strategy for life. It entails many different facets and elements that we will work through during this 8 week program.

Week 1 – Attention and The Now

Week 2 – Automaticity

Week 3 – Judgment

Week 4 – Acceptance

Week 5 – Goals

Week 6 – Compassion

Week 7 – The Ego

Week 8 – Integration – Pulling it all together

In this training, you will benefit from:

  • One deep-dive into a specific element of mindfulness per session
  • Integrating information and practice with scientific evidence and insights
  • Detailed explanations covering the reasons for certain practices
  • Small practices that aim to increase the integration of mindfulness into daily life
  • Examining mindfulness in the broader context of life and how we perceive things
  • Understanding the foundation of proceses that mindfulness rest upon
  • Weekly presentations
  • E-mails with inspirational quotes


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