The Neuroscience of Organisational Change

With current statistics quoting that 70% of change initiatives desgined to improve business performance fail, we need to change the way we mangae change in organisations. By understanding the brain we can do this better.

Neuroscience brings a new lens through which to look at people and to understand why they react to situations in a certain way, what they need from work relationships to perform at their best, and how they might be better motivated. The Neuroscience of Organisational Change Masterclass not only provides evidence that will persuade the most sceptical of leaders but also provides many practical examples of how to apply the insights, enabling orgnisations to improve performance and also help support the mental and emotional well-being of employees.

The Neuroscience of Organisational Change Masterclass explores:

  • Why people find change difficult
  • What leaders can do to keep people focussed and performing at their best
  • How people need social connection at work
  • The essential roles that leaders and managers play in leading successful change
  • How best to manage emotions and reduce bias to avoid making flawed decisions
  • Why we need communication, involvement and storytelling to help us through change
  • How to enhance employee motivation
  • and more

The Neuroscience of Organisatonal Change Masterclass, is an interactive, informative and engaging masterclass that provides participants with an evidence based, practical way to successfully manage and lead change.

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