Workplace Inspections


Workplace inspections are a key requirement of any business in identifying potential hazards in the workplace and whilst most businesses conduct these in house it is often that independent “extra set of eyes” that picks up critical issues that are sometimes missed or overlooked.

Insync Workplace Solutions can undertake a comprehensive inspection of your workplace and will provide you with a detailed report on all hazards identified during the inspection.

Examples of some common workplace hazards include (but are not limited to):

  • manual handling
  • housekeeping
  • electrical
  • dangerous goods and/or hazardous substances
  • noise
  • heat
  • working at heights
  • plant, tools & equipment
  • fatigue
  • psychological

In addition to completing the workplace inspection, we will also, in consultation with you assist in identifying associated risks from these hazards and recommend control measures to eliminate or minimise those risks.

Like all of our services, our workplace inspection programs are tailored to our individual client’s needs, it can be a one off visit or an ongoing partnership,  giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose what you want so call us today on 1800 INSYNC (467 962) or send us an email at to discuss your workplace health and safety requirements.